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 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Rates Payments 
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Invoice PaymentsSelect this option to pay your invoices. Full or part payment accepted.
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Development and Waste Water Application PaymentsYou will need your outstanding fees letter to pay your application. Payment Reference as shown on your Letter and your payment amount
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Licence PaymentsEnvironmental Health, Inspections, Barossa Visitor Centre Participation Agreement and Bin Renewals are paid here.
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Parking InfringementsYou will need your Parking Expiation notice and your Vehicle Registration number to pay
Dog InfringementsYou will need your Dog Infringement Expiation notice to pay
Local Bylaws InfringementsYou will need your Local Bylaws Infringement Expiation notice to pay
Litter InfringementsYou will need your Litter Infringement Expiation notice to pay
Emergency Services InfringementsYou will need your Emergency Services Infringement Expiation notice to pay